Kanthal wire

Kanthal wire

Kanthal wire (aluminum-iron-chromium alloy) has a lifetime of 4 times  more than nichelina wire because of aluminum oxide that protects the wire. Moreoverwithstand at much higher temperatures, has a higher electrical resistance andthermal expansion coefficient is lower than nichelina wire.

Can be used to replace atomizers /cartomizers resistance.

In conclusion we can say that the kanthal wire has a longer lifetime and nichelinawire gives more pleasant flavour.


  • Composition: 0Cr35/A15
  • Maximum temperature of use: 1350 °

Available : 

Kanthal 0,10 mm – 10 meters

Kanthal 0,15 mm – 10 meters

Kanthal 0,20 mm – 10 meters

Kanthal 0,25 mm – 10 meters

Kanthal 0,30 mm – 10 meters

Kanthal 0,35 mm – 10 meters

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